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"My primary focus with Hexus is self-service deflection, aiming to boost our resolution rates significantly. Instead of allocating resources to a frontline engineer, I plan to invest in AI-driven content management and advancing our existing engineering staff to the next level of expertise. This shift will allow us to tackle more technical tasks, continue to provide a high standard of CSAT and enhance efficiency."

Rebuy Engine

Rebuy Engine is a SaaS product designed for e-commerce stores, empowering them to personalize their websites and enhance average order values using AI-driven recommendations. Positioned as an enterprise-level solution, Rebuy Engine is committed to ongoing innovation, continuously rolling out new features to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

The Challenge

Christian Sokolowski, VP of Customer Support at Rebuy Engine, faces the ongoing challenge of keeping the company's extensive documentation up-to-date with frequent product releases. With over 250-300 articles to manage, Christian sought a solution that could streamline the documentation process and enable customers to find answers independently.


Rebuy Engine's goal is to enhance customer self-service and reduce support inquiries by offering clear, current documentation. Their goal is to empower customers to troubleshoot and solve issues independently, thereby easing the workload of frontline support teams and enabling them to concentrate on complex technical matters.

Why Hexus

Rebuy Engine adopted Hexus to streamline their documentation workflow, keep pace with rapid product updates, and drive customer self-service. The platform's user-friendly interface, centralized management, and AI features made it an ideal solution for creating and maintaining up-to-date, easily accessible documentation. Hexus's scalability and adaptability to evolving needs also aligned with Rebuy Engine's long-term requirements.


Since implementing Hexus, Rebuy Engine has seen significant improvements in their documentation process, resulting in increased efficiency, time savings, and better customer self-service.

"The one thing that Hexus has done very efficiently for me is reduce the time needed to create step-by-step walkthroughs. I now only need 1-5 minutes to make minor UI adjustments in help articles, a task that previously would have taken 30-45 minutes of my time."

Through Hexus, Rebuy Engine has successfully boosted customer self-service, resolution rates, and deflection. With easily digestible documentation, the company empowers customers to navigate solutions autonomously, alleviating the workload of frontline support engineers. This strategic shift enables the team to prioritize advanced technical tasks and projects, resulting in optimized resource allocation and elevated customer experiences.

In contrast to previous tools such as Giphy and Loom, Hexus stands out as a more dependable and user-friendly solution. Its centralized platform eradicates the need for rework caused by errors and guarantees that content stays readily accessible and current.

Looking ahead, Christian envisions significant potential in utilizing Hexus to collaborate with various teams, including marketing. By offering easily understandable technical information, teams can seamlessly integrate it into their initiatives. Hexus will be instrumental in advancing customer self-service, cutting support costs, and ensuring the company delivers exceptional customer experiences.

Trusted by enterprises and high growth start-ups

"We love how multi-purpose Hexus is. From demos to documents, especially love it for speed of iteration and ease of use. It makes creating marketing content a breeze—all in one place. Highly recommend!"

Kevin Wu

CEO, Gather

"Capturing flows quickly allows our team to share their feedback, saving us time to focus on improvements and measure the ROI of documented issues. Love it!"

John Rozzo

PM, Comcast Business

"Such a powerful and innovative tool. Being able to record and turn a process that would take 30 minutes into 30 seconds. I will be using this every day. Could not recommend this enough."

James Porter

Director, Jaam Communications

"Hexus can make you a 10x marketer. You just need to record your product demo once and it can generate an interactive guide, blog post, email, release notes etc. It's as easy as taking a screenshot but generates many content types that you need to distribute your product features."

Rakesh Goyal

CEO, Velt (YC W22)

"It's so easy to create product demos, guides and blogs with Hexus AI. The content makes my team more productive as it is well-designed and ready to publish. I'd recommend Hexus for all MarTech stack!"

Vikram Maram


"Hexus has become my go-to tool to effortlessly create interactive how-to guides, so that our partners have the resources they need to effectively use our products."

Alex Ross