Unwrap your ChatGPT year in review

As if there weren't enough ChatGPT wrappers out there, we created another one. Introducing the unofficial ChatGPT Wrapped 2023 - a fun experiment allowing you to visualize and reflect on your favorite AI assistant usage over the past year.

Create and share your GPT story

See top prompts, patterns in your interests, creativity levels over time, and more. GPTWrapped creates an interactive story of your year in AI. Customize and share a summary with friends.

See it in action:


Do you process all my chat history?

Only chats present in your account history from 2023 are processed. Deleted chats are not archived or accessible.

Is my data secure?

Yes, no data leaves your device. We process everything client-side so your information stays private.
Alternatively, you can download the code from Github and run it locally.

Are you affiliated with OpenAI?

No, we are an independent developer experimenting with tools to improve AI productivity and accountability. You can learn more about Hexus here.

Is GPT Wrapped free to use?

Yes, the ChatGPT Wrapped is totally free to use and share. If you find it useful, we'd appreciate you spreading the word!

What if I want to hide sensitive data before sharing?

Just use the 'Hide' CTA for your sensitive prompt info in the word cloud before sharing.

How can I provide feedback or request new features?

Please contact our team at team@hexus.ai. We welcome ideas to make the tool more helpful!

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