AI-powered content for the complete customer journey

As simple as recording your screens. Capture and instantly convert to interactive product demos, how-to-guides, blogs, and more.

Let your product be the hook

No better way to show prospects and customers value than by showing them your product. One platform to create engaging product collateral to attract, convert, engage and retain.

Deliver 10x more with less

"The one thing that Hexus has done very efficiently for me is reduce the time needed to create step-by-step walkthroughs. I now only need 1-5 minutes to make minor UI adjustments in help articles, a task that previously would have taken 30-45 minutes of my time."

Integrates with

Measure and optimize with built-in analytics

Landing pages

Grow your pipeline

Personalized interactive experiences that boost conversions, reduce unqualified leads, and drive traffic with SEO-optimized demos.

Help center

Promote self-service

Effortlessly create always up-to-date, visually engaging how-to videos and articles. Increase deflection rates and never have gaps in your knowledge base.


Win prospects over

Easily personalize demos with variables for your cold outreach sequences, new feature launches, user onboarding journeys, and any email campaigns.

Enterprise-ready from Day One.

At Hexus, security and compliance are top priorities. We have built enterprise-grade features and controls into our platform from the very beginning.

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