Scaling Personalization with Gen AI: The Future of Marketing

Landing pages fail to convert when content lacks relevance. Gen AI promises hyper-personalization at scale to boost marketing performance. Learn how to keep up with adoption of these technologies across content creation, segmentation, and personalization. We introduce Demostify, a new platform using AI to generate personalized product guides on demand.

The average landing page conversion rate is 9.7%.

With a typical bounce rate of 60-90%, most visitors leave without engaging. The #1 reason? A lack of relevant content.

Since landing pages laser-focus on conversions, they should be just as focused on the visitor. But different audiences have unique tastes, goals, and knowledge levels. When you keep landing page content vague in an attempt to appeal to everyone, it ends up resonating with no one.

Many relevance issues stem from sales funnel misalignment. You can’t close a sale with someone in the awareness stage. And a warmer lead won’t appreciate surface-level content. Your conversion goals, copy, and design should sync with where customers are in their buyer’s journey.

If you want to cast a wide net without deterring visitors, create multiple landing page variants. Then use smart traffic tools to direct each visitor to the most relevant page for them based on their attributes. This raises your chances of converting them.

The Rise of Generative AI in Marketing

A recent BCG survey of CMOs found widespread adoption of generative AI across marketing:

  • 70% already use generative AI, with 19% testing it currently.
  • Top applications include content generation, insight generation, and segmentation.
  • 67% are pursuing personalization initiatives, the greatest area of focus.

CMOs are exploring generative AI for personalization, content creation, and segmentation:

  • Personalization (67% of respondents) - AI analyzes customer data to offer tailored recommendations and content that drives engagement and loyalty.
  • Content Creation (49%) - AI generates high-quality, personalized content at scale to fuel campaigns.
  • Market Segmentation (41%) - AI enables precise targeting and resource allocation for better ROI.

According to the survey, 93% of CMOs reported positive improvements in their work organization, while 91% experienced increased efficiency. And the best part? It's cost-effective and user-friendly, potentially boosting productivity by up to 30%.

Introducing Demostify: Generative AI for Scalable Personalization

Marketing teams looking to personalize and scale campaigns face a dilemma - while personalized content is critical for engagement and conversion, manual content creation severely limits what they can produce. Enter Generative AI - leveraging machine learning to understand customers and automatically generate hyper-targeted assets. This automates a process that previously required extensive human resources. As AI-driven hyper-personalization becomes the norm, marketing teams that don't leverage generative technologies may find it increasingly difficult to create content that resonates at the individual level. Adopting these platforms can help future-proof marketing efforts in an age of automation and customization.

That's why we built Demostify, an AI-powered platform that dynamically generates visual product tours and walkthroughs. We trained it on Twitter's UI flows. Ask a question like "How do I like a tweet?" and get a step-by-step screenshot guide. It's also available as an interactive video.

Demostify: Dynamically generate visual guides

Demostify streamlines the process of creating interactive walkthroughs. It automatically records screenshots of product workflows, with no manual annotation required. Advanced AI analyzes these images to understand the UI and actions on screen. When a user asks a question like "how do I update my payment information?", Demostify sequences the right screenshots into a custom guide and generates concise captions to explain each step. The result is an interactive visual guide tailored to the user's need.

For your documentation team, Demostify reduces the burden of creating and updating user guides. For your customers, it provides an automated self-service learning experience. And for your product team, it means faster feature adoption through contextualized, on-demand walkthroughs.

Demostify showcases the possibilities of Generative AI to enhance product adoption and retention. By combining computer vision and natural language processing, we can deliver personalized, interactive help content instantly. As an AI-first company, we are excited by the potential of AI to solve real customer problems. Demostify is one example of how we are leveraging these emerging technologies to improve the user experience. 

Stay tuned to learn more about Demostify. Sign up here for early access.