Special Episode: Hexus on Baking Soda Podcast

April 13, 2024

Join the Baking Soda Podcast hosts for an engaging episode with Sakshi Pratap, CEO and founder of Hexus AI, as we discuss the transformative impact of their AI-powered platform on product marketing and education. Hexus AI is pioneering in creating comprehensive content, from interactive demos to emails, speeding up market entry and improving product understanding.

Hear Wesley Tillu from Section 32 ask about Sakshi's experiences at Stairwell, Google, and Oracle that led her to create Hexus AI. We'll delve into how Hexus empowers teams beyond designers to craft compelling content and the significance of personalization in enhancing user experiences.

Learn how Hexus AI is reshaping product marketing, aiding companies in navigating the shift towards product-led growth, especially in technical and B2B spaces. This episode highlights the role of AI in modernizing product education and marketing, making Hexus a key figure in the industry.

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Arif Damji, Kahini Shah, Wesley Tillu

Wesley Tillu (Section 32), Arif Damji (Conductive Ventures), Kahini Shah (Obvious Ventures)